Cheeky Foods CO

I run a small business by the name of Cheeky Foods Co. We bake, roast and cook, masalas, spice blends and chutneys. We have been in business for over three years and have helped provide a meaningful way for people to be creative in the kitchen. I combine authentic inspiration with a fun, quick and healthy way to make meals exciting.
All our production is in the Prairies – Winnipeg, MB. Every single product that we make is carefully measured and crafted in small batches. As the owner of the company I produce every single packet that comes to market, this makes the process of production very personal and the eventual use of it very fulfilling.
Our masalas are used particularly make curries such as butter chicken, our spice blends such as peri peri come in handy when barbecuing, prepping meals and finally our chutneys are used as marinades and glazes.


[Masalas] Butter Chicken, Tika Masala, Vindaloo Curry, Indian Coconut Curry, Chana Masala
[Spice Blends] Peri Peri, Cheeky Thai, Mango Madness
[Chutneys] Mango & Tamarind




Cheeky Foods CO