Beeproject Apiaries

Beeproject works hard to protect honeybees, promote food security, educate the public and introduce everyone to the amazing honey that the urban setting can provide.
Our recognizable Neighbourhood Honey is produced in different areas of WInnipeg. The colour and flavour of the honeys differ based on what is blooming in each Neighbourhood.
Our honey is not pasteurized and therefore maintains natural micronutrients, flavours and health benefits.


Neighbourhood Honey
Creamed Honey
Beeswax wraps
Beeswax Candles
Neighbourhood Pollen
Beeswax bricks
People for Pollinators totes (collab with Kal Barteski)
"Bees Matter" prints (8 x 10)
Pollinator Friendly Seed Blend




Beeproject Apiaries